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Art, hula, surfing have defined my life.  Qigong and meditation have transformed it.

Qigong / Chi-kung, developed in ancient China, is the cultivation, circulation and refinement of qi (chi), life force or vital energy.  There are many benefits to practicing qigong.  Meditation to transform qi is actually a type of qigong.  The techniques are rooted in ancient wisdom and have been refined over 1000’s of years by adept masters.

My teaching is primarily based on the system of Inner Arts developed by Sifu (master) Cheung.  My heart and mind have opened.  Sifu Cheung has made this experience available to everyone.  Gently follow the path he has so skillfully illuminated:

He guides men back to their own treasure

and helps all things come to know

the truth they have forgotten  . . . .  Tao Te Ching verse 64

I also wish to acknowledge the following teachers for so generously sharing their talents:

  • Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit – for planting the seeds of qigong
  • Master Mingtong Gu – for wisdom and his dedication to medical qigong
  • Kumu hula Heali’i O Nalani Stanley – for sharing the aloha of hula

Me ke Aloha Pumehana


For More information see Instruction

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  1. Clay T permalink
    June 10, 2012 10:18 pm

    Love the New Site! I can’t wait to get started.

  2. Marcy M. permalink
    June 17, 2012 11:15 pm

    I’m here – all this is very new to me but I am excited and ready to take the first step –
    thank you!!!!! Marcy 🙂

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