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April 22, 2012

Chi kung / Qigong is a safe and effective means of addressing today’s health challenges.  This system of wellness integrates body postures with breathing techniques.  Specific physical movements are combined with breathing, mental focus and sometimes sound.   These forms are designed to support health, spiritual or martial arts practices.

I have been a surfer, diver and hula dancer for decades and began to learn qigong as a means of preserving and insuring health.  Like most people, time to acquire new skills was limited.  Though there are literally 1000’s of techniques, I found those taught by  Sifu Wing Cheung ( to be among the most effective and easy to learn.

Do not be fooled by simplicity.

If you are familiar with Zhan Zhuang, you understand that standing in one posture for an extended time can develop ‘internal force’; that mysterious power which enables elderly masters to control robust younger opponents.

The benefits gained from Sifu Cheung’s system are numerous and profound.  This training in qigong also includes various meditation techniques.  It is my honor to be able to share his teachings with you.

As instructor, my goal is to Bring out the Best in People.   I will teach skills which allow the individual to support  his/her own mental and physical health.  Together, we will work to initiate positive change and restore mind/body balance.

~ May you find peace, health, and happiness ~

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