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April 8, 2012

Dan Tian Breathing

When practicing qigong and meditation, use Dan Tian breathing.  It is similar to abdominal breathing which uses the diaphragm  to extend and contract the abdomen.  Babies use abdominal breathing; that is why you see their bellies moving up and down as they breathe.   As we get older many people breathe from their chest.

Dan Tian breathing is a deeper form of breathing.  It expands the lower abdomen plus the entire Dan Tian region which circles around the body below the navel, and includes the area inside.  If you find it difficult to practice qigong at a slow pace, chances are you are using chest breathing.  To see which type of breathing you use, place one hand on your chest and one on your lower Dan Tian (3 fingers below the navel).  Breathe deeply and see which hand moves.


How to practice Dan Tian breathing:

Lie on your back and place your hands (palms facing the ground) against your back at the lower Dan Tian.  Place your intention on this spot and breathe or think about expanding the area as you inhale.  Inhale through your nose and you should feel pressure on your hands.  Exhale either through your nose or mouth.

You will find this very relaxing, so it is easy to practice in bed before sleep or when you wake up.

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April 7, 2012

Art, hula, surfing have defined my life.  Qigong and meditation have transformed it.

As instructor, my goal is to Bring out the Best in People.   I will teach skills which allow the individual to support  his/her own mental and physical health.  We will work together to initiate positive change and restore mind/body balance.

There are many benefits to practicing qigong and meditation.  The techniques employed are based on ancient wisdom which has been refined by adept masters.   My teaching is primarily based on the system of Inner Arts developed by Sifu Wing Cheung. (

My heart and mind have opened.  Sifu Cheung has made this experience available to everyone.  Gently follow the path he so skillfully illuminates:

He guides men back to their own treasure

and helps all things come to know

the truth they have forgotten  . . . .  Tao Te Ching verse 64

I also wish to thank the following masters for so generously sharing their talents:

  • Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit – for introducing me to qigong
  • Master Mingtong Gu – for his wisdom and dedication to medical qigong
  • Kumu Hula Heali’i O Nalani Gore -Stanley- for sharing the aloha of hula

* Me ke Aloha Pumehana *