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Benefits of Qigong

May 15, 2012

Qi (chi) is the universal force which permeates all things: living and non-living.  For health purposes qi refers to one’s vital energy.  Qigong involves the cultivation, and circulation of this energy throughout the body and mind.  The practice of qigong can increase and accumulate qi resulting in physical benefits such as health, vitality, weight loss and improved balance.  In addition, there are the mental benefits of tranquility, clarity, contentment, and positivity.

Qi moves in the body via meridians which are the pathways.  Along these paths are specific accupoints or gateways.  These are spots where qi may be absorbed, released or stimulated.

One’s emotional or physical health is jeopardized when qi is disrupted, stagnated, insufficient, or imbalanced.  Qigong restores health by cultivating and circulating qi to clear blockages.  The mind/body can then progress to it’s optimum state.  Advanced inner techniques  refine qi.  Mastery of qi results in healing and purifying the body as well as connecting one to the universal qi; thus awakening and realizing one’s physical, mental, and spiritual potential.

There is a certain amount of time and effort necessary to effect change.  However,  the  methods can be fairly simple.  The program developed by Sifu Cheung is both effective and easy to learn.  He explains:

“As a means of self-healing, qigong can be very effective in treating the many chronic and degenerative diseases.  Through qigong individuals learn to open meridians and direct qi themselves!”


Realizing Benefits

The keys to realizing benefits are having  1) positive attitude and 2) consistent practice.  Our habitual mind may find this challenging, so here are my suggestions:

Positive Attitude = over-coming doubt

The first challenge is mental.  Practicing the inner arts is based on what may be a new belief system.  Some find it difficult to accept the concept of QI, something which is invisible and usually not felt by the novice.  Until one has the experience of qi, one must have faith.  My suggestion is simply be open and confident.  The mind is a very powerful tool.

Consistent practice = dedication

Finding time to practice seems to be the greatest challenge for my students.  Most systems of qigong, whether for health or martial arts recommend 3 months or 100 days of consistent practice.  Why? because if you practice daily your progress will be maximized.  Most likely you will realize results before the 100 days and not even think twice about fitting it into your life.  However, if you don’t practice consistently, progress will be slower, and you may not realize the benefits.

We are not talking hours a day.  Think of how much time you spend challenging your body . . with junk food, lack of sleep, over indulgence, and stress.  Where’s the balance?   The amazing thing is that it requires so much less time to fix things then it did to mess them up.  How cool is that?   My suggestion: Take the leap – try it 100 days!

How fortunate we are!  If we are open, positive, and practice consistently; we gain benefit.  This is a given – available to everyone!  The benefits are immense and as profound as one is willing to realize.  Practice will definitely be rewarded.  There is no pressure and the path will not disappear.  So whenever you’re ready. . . .

The gift has been offered – Now, It’s up to YOU!

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